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13. 12. 2017

Christmas market with St. Nicholas and devil

We'd like to invite you to Christmas market , which will take place on Wednesday 6.12.2017 from 16:00 PM on Walter Square. Children can look forward to the treat from devil and St. Nicholas, adults for hot drinks and Christmas snacks. The invitation is valid for you and your families. Come and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere together!

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Aviatica offers flexible office and retail premises, which can be adjusted according to the client´s requirements and tailored to their company culture and work style. The layouts also follow the latest trends in space planning and requirements including integration of non-working areas and break zones, either in form of individual elements in the tenant´s offices or in form of green rooftop terraces and generous piazza with the outside seating and relax zones. Sufficiency of parking places and facilities for cyclists are integral part of the project, same as the archive and storage premises, which effectively supplement office areas.

Floor Plans

The building is designed with emphasis on maximum efficiency of space, allowing to propose for each individual tenant premises exactly according to its requirements, either in the form of open space layout or cellular offices.

Table of Areas

Level Office Retail Common Areas
9. NP 517 m²   74 m²
8. NP 1033 m²   148 m²
7. NP 1 033 m²   148 m²
6. NP 1 034 m²   148 m²
5. NP 2 353 m²   184 m²
4. NP 4 941 m²   389 m²
3. NP 4 944 m²   389 m²
2. NP 4 596 m²   389 m²
1. NP   3 676 m² 816 m²
Total 20 451 m² 3 676 m² 2 685 m²
Total rentable area 26 812 m²
Parking places - 1. PP, 2. PP 461
Storage - 1. PP, 2. PP 727 m²

Technical Specifications

Aviatica is a modern A-class office building. It offers the highest possible standards with regard to the type of materials used, the quality of finishes of all interior elements, and the use of the most effective technologies with the impact on efficient operations and environment. Aviatica received green pre-certification LEED Gold.

  • Typical floor plate of up to 5,300 sqm
  • Smallest office units starting at 230 sqm
  • Effective office module of 1.35 m – smallest offices of 2.70 m x 5.40 m
  • 2 main entrances with representative lobbies
  • Card access with tourniquets
  • 11 high-speed elevators, 4 shuttles from garages, 1 freight lift
  • Suspended ceilings with in-built lighting
  • Clear height of 3 m
  • Sprinkler extinguishing system
  • Central ventilation system with a capacity of 36 m3/hour/working place
  • Chilled beams integrated in ceilings
  • Raised floors with cable boxes
  • Floor heating convectors
  • Openable windows in every office
  • Back-up diesel aggregator with sufficient capacity
  • Optical fibres of several providers